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EBS Realty Partners (EBS) is an integrated real estate investment, development and management firm specializing in industrial and commercial properties throughout Northern and Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona.

EBS, founded by Quinn Johnson in 2003 as Equity Building Services, primarily provided development and construction management services to both institutional and private clients. EBS Realty Partners continues that legacy. As U.S. and local real estate markets recovered following the 2007 to 2008 global financial crisis, EBS was able to significantly expand its client service offerings and direct investment and principal development activities.

EBS’s past and current projects include over 4.5 million square feet of logistics warehouse distribution facilities, e-commerce fulfillment facilities, corporate warehouse/distribution and headquarters facilities, temperature and environment-controlled food facilities, specialized manufacturing plants, as well as commercial office, medical office, and retail projects.

For EBS, a project’s best possible outcome is realized by the application of collective experience, knowledge and proprietary procedures, along with an acute attention to detail while being a trusted advisor and fiduciary.

EBS has consistently seen, along with its partners, that a commitment to these tenets can and do result in a savings of both time and money, regardless of the project’s size or complexity.

What Sets Us Apart?

Among the most critical factors to the success of any development project is a thorough understanding of all the static and dynamic elements that affect project cost, schedule, capitalization, and marketability. EBS has a systematic approach to project feasibility analysis and detailed financial modeling tools to ensure the team is consistently making informed decisions.

Working within increasingly complex entitlement jurisdictions, particularly in California, EBS principals are true experts at anticipating and managing challenges in the most difficult political and bureaucratic environments so that any impediments to progress can be mitigated or avoided altogether.

EBS is proud of its project entitlement success in demanding jurisdictions that include the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Riverside County.

Proprietary Procedures

EBS has pioneered several proprietary procedures, including its “30-60-90 Value Engineering” project design management process. During this process EBS, the design team, and the approved contractor(s), evaluate and apply detailed project cost savings strategies at critical stages in the design phase. These strategies assure the quality and thoroughness of construction documents and adherence to schedule and budget. EBS also uses proprietary contractor bid instructions, bid analysis forms, and modified AIA contracts to further ensure there are no surprises.

EBS – A Trusted Advisor and Fiduciary

At EBS, we love what we do!

No matter the project size or complexity, EBS has the experience, knowledge, resources, and industry relationships needed to expertly manage every aspect of a development project from initial concept to successful completion. Ultimately, a project’s goals and objectives are always viewed and managed as “OUR goals and objectives.” This means paying great attention to detail and keeping its role as a trusted advisor and fiduciary top-of-mind at all times.